So here we are at the beginning of October 2020. It’s been an abnormal* year to be a part of the events industry. The venue reopening date of October 1st that so many had pinned hopes on has now been pushed back indefinitely, the rule of 6 has been extended until March 2021, and wedding guests numbers have been reduced to 15.

It looks as though tables of 6 are going to be the ‘new normal’ for the forseeable future. Whether you are planning an intimate private celebration, or are an outdoor venue looking to effectively and safely seat your visitors, we have plenty of options, suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. From Picnic Benches, to Rustic Trestle Tables and German-style Beer Benches, take a look at what we can offer you.

1. Picnic Benches

Our traditional Picnic Benches provide a classic and casual seating solution for pubs, restaurants and back gardens. 

They are robust in design and stack easily when not in use. Our picnic benches have proved to be one of our most popular hire products, and add a rustic feel to any outdoor eating area. Each bench sits 4-6 people.

Picnic Benches for Hire
Picnic Bench hire and sale by Event Furniture by Tarren

2. German Beer Tables and Benches

These German benches and tables are traditionally seen in Oktoberfest tents across the world, however they are perfect for all manner of small celebrations, especially where food and drink is involved. They are suitable for indoor and outdoor events. 

Their simple and robust design consists of durable wooden tabletops and sturdy metal green legs, which can be folded to allow for easy storage. 

The narrow design of the tabletops means that more units will fit into your event space, allowing you to sit more people safely. Each set sits approx. 6 people. 

Wooden table and bench hire
German Beer Bench and Tables available to hire with Event Furniture by Tarren

3. Rustic Trestle Tables and Benches

Our Rustic Trestle Tables and Benches are handmade, hand-stained and perfect for indoor and outdoor seating.

The minimalistic look of this package capitalises on the current trend for rustic and farmhouse interiors, and also means that they can be dressed up or down to suit any occasion and colour scheme. They truly are versatile. 

The benches sit 2-3 people on each side, meaning that up to 6 people can be seated on each unit. We have a large quantity available to hire.

Wooden Trestle Table and bench Hire Package
Rustic Trestle Table and Bench Hire from Event Furniture by Tarren

4. Rustic Trestle Tables and Wooden Folding Chairs

Much like the Rustic Trestle and Bench package, these our Rustic Trestle Table and Folding Chair package capitalise on the current trend for rustic and farmhouse style furnbiture, however with this package guests are offered exra comfort withindividual Wooden Folding Chairs, allowing them to spread themselves around the table as they please.

Handmade and sturdy, these items can be dressed up or down as much as you please. We think they look great when adorned with greenery and autumnal colours.

Rustic Wedding Tablescape
Rustic Trestle Tables and Chairs Package by Event Furniture by Tarren

5. Octagonal Garden Table and Wooden Folding Chairs

These simple and stylish Octagonal Garden Tables are the perfect catering solution for outdoor events. Our tables are made from acacia meaning that they are sturdy and have a beautiful rich colouring. They also fold way easily and can therefore be stored away neatly in large quantities.

Each table has a parasol hole, meaning that you can offer your guests some much needed shade or shelter, making them perfect for alfresco dining situations. Pair with our Parasols and Rustic Folding Chairs.

Garden table and chair
Garden Tables and Chairs for hire with Event Furniture by Tarren

6. Rustic Trestle Table and Tolix-style Chairs

We love the juxtaposition between our Rustic Tables and the industrial style of our Tolix-style chairs. Together they make an on-trend and fashion-forward statement, whilst providing comfort and functionality for your guests.

Wooden Tables and Metal Chairs to hire
Table and Chairs to hire with Event Furniture by Tarren
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