Which furniture, decor, colour schemes and themes should you be incorporating into your 2020 wedding? We give you a run down of the 5 biggest trends that will be gracing the aisle this year, and show you how we can help you achieve them with our range of rustic event furniture and decor. 


Eco-friendly is by no means just a trend for 2020, but this is the year that we will get serious about implementing environmentally conscious attitudes in all areas of our lives. Sustainability is no longer just a target for large businesses to meet, and for the rest of us to aspire to. Sustainability will become an attitude that we adopt in all areas of our personal lives, especially when we are celebrating some of our most important moments and occasions.

Incorporating sustainability into weddings will be prominent in 2020. From using local suppliers, to reducing food wastage and buying secondhand, these are the factors that will be influencing the decision makers.

Our Rustic Trestle Tables, Benches, Industrial Poseur Tables and Bars are all made from upcycled materials, including scaffold boards, scaffold poles and timber. Hiring existing furniture and décor can also help to reduce the demand for products that are harmful in the production process, or that end up in landfill after use.


It’s getting personal in 2020. According to The Knot, our guestlists will be shrinking in size this year, and wedding parties will become more exclusive. 50 will be the magic number of guests to aim for – that is nearly 59% less than the current average of 120. The main perks of reducing your attendee numbers is the increased budget-per-guest gain, and decreased spending overall. This means that brides and grooms can then afford bespoke and personal touches that reflect their personalities, and make their wedding stand out from the rest.

Relaxed and informal is the vibe to aim for, with formal affairs something of the past, and comfort reigning supreme. Rural settings will rule over their metropolitan counterparts, and intimacy will be key.

Our Chesterfield Sofas, Persian Rugs and Rustic Coffee Tables can be used to create intimate chill-out areas for your guests to unwind in, and to put their feet up after a busy day of celebrating and dancing the night away.


According to Hitched, the colours to look out for this year will be yellow, green, blue, and earthy tones like stone and brown. Pantone have also announced that their Colour of the Year for 2020 is ‘Classic Blue’ – a light navy, which is apparently calming and soothing- something we can definitely get behind on our wedding day!

In addition to this, we will be ditching traditional round tables and linear table settings for more unique and fun table shapes; think the letters ‘X’ and ‘S’.

Sticking to the traditional table table settings, long banqet tables will continue to be popular, particularly within marquees, barns, yurts and warehouses- and the non-traditional venues. This setting style is great for both large and small guest numbers.


You’ve spent months putting them all together, so why not shine a (statement) light on your venue and reception décor? The small details are the ones that take the most time, so make sure they are noticed. Hanging chandeliers, fairy lights, exposed bulbs and of course candlelight (it never goes out of fashion) will all be prominent this year.

One of our favourite new innovations are these cloud hangings.

When it comes to décor, vintage is the way forward. Vintage china, patterned place settings, and bright glassware combined can completely change the feel of one of our Rustic Trestle Tables.


In 2020 we will be doing away with professional bartenders, and doing it all ourselves. From ‘Pimp Your Prosecco’ tables, to beer wheelbarrows and personalised cocktail menus, we will customise our own bars to around our favourite tipples.

Our Rustic Bars make the great base for a DIY offering, available from 8ft-120ft long. We can also provide bar fridges, stools and poseur tables if you are looking to offer a complete bar setting.


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