Event Trends 2019/2020: Rustic Furniture

The event furniture industry is fast-paced and trends change constantly. But let us show you why the Rustic trend is here to stay.

From rustic trestle tables to handmade benches and oak barrels, furniture pieces with a natural wood effect and rustic feel have been incredibly popular this year, and shows no signs of slowing down.

This is a trend that is suitable for any event, any time of the year, and suits any location, be it indoor or outdoors. Whether it’s a wedding, festival, exhibition, private party or corporate event that you’re planning we’ll show you how you can incorporate rustic hire furniture and fully embrace this timeless trend.


Weddings are the area in which we are seeing the Rustic trend flourish most.

Rustic wedding locations are on the rise- barns, tipis and marquees are the most in demand venues and have soared in popularity since 2018. These venues all have nature in common, with couples wanting to incorporate the outdoors into their big day. The earthy tones of rustic furniture compliments this theming beautifully.

Get the look: Place our farmhouse-style Rustic Trestle Tables and Benches in rows to create Pinterest-worthy banquet style seating at your wedding reception. Carry on the celebrations with the addition of a fire pit and rustic seating outside to toast to the end of an amazing day, underneath the stars.


Where else to insert the homely connotations of a rustic theme, than when celebrating with your nearest and dearest. A welcoming and relaxed atmosphere, will invite your guests to let their hair down, and this timeless theme will appeal to all ages. Rustic furniture is famously sturdy in design, and is therefore suitable for both indoor and outdoor events in a multitude of venues. 

Get the look: Nothing says ultimate party vibe quite as well as a Bespoke Rustic Bar that your guests can mingle around, along with some Rustic Oak Barrels that can be used to display nibbles, or to place drinks on.


When better to incorporate a theme famous for its use of durable materials, than when your event is going to be attended by thousands of people? This is a time when your furniture is going to be in constant use, and a no-fuss approach is needed. Rustic furniture pieces are the hard-wearing option that you need, but they also don’t compromise on appearance, and exude a bohemian vibe.

Get the look: A chill-out zone away from the hustle and bustle of the festival can offer your guests some much needed tranquility. Combine a fire pit, sleeper benches, lanterns and some soft furnishings. Form an orderly queuing system around your entrance with some Rustic Rope and Post that doesn’t look uninviting.

Corporate Events

Using simple and minimalistic furniture is stylish, and a great way to let your event venue do all of the talking.  In the case of corporate events, the earthy and neutral tones of rustic furniture will allow your brand messaging to stand out, creating contrast and impact, and escaping the cold and clinical feel that many corporate venues impose. Incorporating some rustic theming into your next product launch, sales meeting or trade show will also help to give your brand some character. The word ‘rustic’ is synonymous with the countryside, and this is a great way to help you achieve the ‘Cotswold aesthetic’ that is currently very in demand.

Get the look: Hire some Rustic Poseur Tables for your delegates to network around, or display your products on our Rustic Trestle Tables to add some warmth. at your next exhibition.

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