Four Door Lockers

Provide security and storage easily at your event by providing lockers. Perfect for exhibitions, trade shows and festivals.

Place in your back of house area to provide locker facilities to your event staff- allowing them to store their valuables safely. This not only offers peace of mind, but also clears your event space of potentially hazardous clutter. Alternatively, offer these lockers to your event guests. These lockers are easily self-managed by the user, with keys provided so that they can access their belongings as they please.

These lockers can also be provided as phone charging facilities, with cables for all major smartphones provided. All you need, is access to a mains plug. You can choose to utilise this for yourself, or offer it as a service to your guests, with the potential for it to add to your revenue stream by charging for use.

These lockers are hired on a dry hire basis which means you handle their management.

For additional security solutions, see our Lockable Cupboards.

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